RAC Real Assets Capital is a private real estate asset management company with a focus on affordable housing, residential and commercial buildings and project developments in German metropolitan areas.

For around a decade we have been concentrating exclusively on the meticulous identification, smooth purchase, management and development of real estate. We invest significantly in building our own long-term and sustainable portfolio.

That is why we only have two business areas:


We continuously acquire multi-family houses, residential and commercial buildings, residential complexes, commercial properties and land in German towns or cities with more than 5,000 inhabitants, which we then manage and develop. For us there are no restrictions on the price level or the size of the objects. We are already examining properties from 4 units.

In principle, we can make purchases within 72 hours. We do not have any committees and in most cases do not need a bank approval before the purchase, which allows us to act quickly and easily.

Please send offers to ankauf@rac-immobilien.de


Together with a small selection of long-standing partners, we develop and implement strategies for real estate projects. We focus on the management of purchase and sale processes as well as the implementation of development concepts.

We support properties of all types, including in the commercial segment.